Path of Retribution

By H R Baker

About Path of Retribution

Death and Life After

Feeling he has lost everything, Christopher decided to kill himself.

However, that was not the end. Now as a ghost, he walks between the realities and attempts to help others. But he soon learns that all is not as it seems. He has a decision to make in an ongoing celestial battle.

Does he accept his role which destiny has planned for him or does he reject it all in his quest for redemption.

Dreams, Illusions, and Realities

Path of Retribution is an urban fantasy ebook novella. Created and written by H R Baker.

It is Book One of Dreams, Illusions, and Realities.

Out Now

Path of Retribution, Book One of Dreams, Illusions, and Realities, is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks (iTunes), Kobo, and Smashwords. A .PDF version can be purchased at Payhip.

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